About Us

Pure Seed opened its doors and created its first floral arrangement since 1998. Since then, we have become one of the leading online florists in the country, creating floral works of art that have touched the lives of people across the nation and been a part of momentous occasions over the years. Our floral designers are inspired by nature, events and our very own clients, making each creation distinct and meaningful. Their professional expertise and artistic sensitivity has time and again resulted in breathtakingly beautiful creations. We continue to explore and evolve, to provide fresh, creative designs and memorable customer experiences for our discerning clients.


Lee Pure

Lee Pure has over 15 years of experience in the floral and gifting industries under her belt. Over the years, clients of varying personalities and styles have inspired Lee Pure, translating into distinct and original floral arrangements just like the people that they were designed for. She is able to combine delicate details with intuition and panache, making her a true floral artisan.

Founder | Creative Director

Florist Manager



Siti collaborative leadership style, vibrant energy and treasure trove of experience lead the team through daily artistic explorations. After over 10 years of being in the floral industry, she remains as enamoured with the floral world as before, and continues to be an inspiration and mentor. Siti says she’s blessed for being able to love her work, and Pure Seed is equally blessed for having her.



Jen’s floral designs are beyond extraordinary. She has a keen eye and design flare to make even the tiniest flower posy radiate beauty of great magnitude. From handheld bouquets to large table pieces, she knows just how to add a little magical touch to transform the floral design into an artistic masterpiece that will evoke admiration and praise.

Flower Virtuoso

Floral Virtuoso



Chin has a creative mind and adept hands fashion some of the most intriguing designs that grace our repertoire. Her easy-going nature, which makes her a joy to be around, belies her strict attention to details when she is crafting floral arrangements for our customers.



She is meticulous to the minutest detail, resulting in spectacular and stunning floral concoctions. Lung has gained vast experience in numerous flower shops, but has found a happy and cosy nook for herself at Pure Seed to our great advantage.

Floral Stylist

Florist Team



Maggie brings a wealth of experience from the floral industry, and oversees the botanic artistry in our workshop. Her poise, elegance and skill bring about an unaffected efficiency when we are inundated with orders, allowing us to deliver floral perfection every time.


Pei Pei

Pei Pei is the quiet, unsung hero in our midst. She manages the book keeping and accounting that keep the buds of our business blooming. You might have spoken to her before as she, ever helpful, sometimes attends to customers’ enquiries and requests, in her gentle and sweet manner.

Florist Team